Romans: God's Righteousness; Our Response

The Gospel is at the heart of the letter to the Romans. Paul teaches the need for the Gospel by showing that God justifies and makes righteous the guilty by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.

In this 11-week inductive study, we will take a birds-eye view of the great truths and how we can apply them. The themes that we'll learn about are:

  • The Gospel as the revelation of the righteousness of God
  • God's righteousness in His wrath against sinners
  • The saving righteousness of God
  • Hope as a result of righteousness by faith
  • The triumph of grace
  • Life in the Spirit
  • God's promises to Israel
  • God's righteousness in His plans for Jews & Gentiles
  • Living in the light of the Gospel
  • The extension of God's righteousness through mission

Christian Theology I: A Survey of Christian Theology

Theology? I don’t see the need for that.

Isn’t that for seminary students, Pastor Melvin, or the elders?

All I need is the Bible.

If these objections sound familiar, then this class is for you. Theology at its core is knowledge of God. Theology isn’t just for students and pastors because everyone is a theologian. Everyone has their view of God, the Bible, Jesus, salvation, and heaven, among others. The question is if we are good theologians, rightly handling the word of God.

Theology is necessary and relevant because it’s the “word about God” based on the “word of God.” Theology is getting to know God by understanding what the Scriptures tells us about Him, about us, about our sin problem and what He’s done about it, and His plans for the future. Knowledge about Him leads to the proper worship of Him. In other words, theology leads to doxology.

This 11-week class, facilitated by Carl Schiefer, will introduce us to theology because if understanding Scripture is important and relevant, then theology is important and relevant. The class will use R.C. Sproul’s Everyone’s A Theologian book and study guide.

Topics that will be covered in Christian Theology 1 include the following:

  • The Scope & Purpose of Theology
  • The Inspiration & Authority of Scripture
  • Knowledge of God
  • God’s Attributes
  • The Creation of Man
  • Transmission of Sin