October 21, 2021 - Pastor's Corner



Dear Church Family,

Below is the current Pastor’s Corner entry on our website under Resources. This email/letter is to make the content easily accessible to all who desire to read it.

The key verse of 1 John is 5:13, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life,” and the main theme of his letter is Certainty of Faith in Jesus Christ and Our Subsequent Practice. This assurance is addressed in multiple ways throughout 1 John through contrasts, direct statements, and three specific areas of Christian living—moral (obedience), social (love), and theological (Jesus is the God-man).

Today, the apostle challenges believers with a contrast in 1 John with 2:28-3:3. Please take a quick moment to read these verses anew. From this passage come the following brief insights:

  • John is telling his readers to continuously base their life and lifestyle in Jesus. That is, we are to “abide in Him,” we are live in obedience to Him because He has made us His. Our life choices are to be based upon His Word, which means we are regularly and constantly in the Scriptures by reading, meditating, praying, speaking, and studying it. We do this because WHEN He returns for His Church, we can confidently look upon with joy, freedom, and expectation. However, if abiding in Jesus does not describe our life choices and how we live, then WHEN Jesus appears, people who claim to be Christians but do not obediently “walk in the same way in which He walked” will shrink away from Jesus in shame. How are we living today, my beloved?
  • What assurance John gives in verse 29! Since we know that Jesus is the very definition of righteous, if we walk in the same way in which He walked, obeying the commands of the One who sends us out into the world, then we KNOW we have “been born of Him,” we are God’s children! Our lifestyle bears out the fact that we belong to God because we are imitating the life Jesus lived on planet earth. Making this true of us is evidence that the Father loves us. He knew we can’t obey Him on our own, therefore He sent Jesus to secure for us through His righteous life, death, and resurrection, the righteous life God would live through us as we walk this earth. But God’s not done yet…
  • In 3:2, the apostle declares that we are indeed “God’s children now,” but the full revelation of what that means is what we’re looking forward to. When we compare Romans 8:29-30 with this verse, our assurance of being the children of God should explode in our hearts and minds! In short, our destiny to look like Jesus is guaranteed to happen because God sees this existence as already completed. And verse 3 shows us that when we fully grasp this truth it causes us to deliberately make tangible choices and changes in our life to reflect the reality that we are God’s children and must live like it.

As always, I encourage you to read ahead to prepare for our time next week—1 John 3:4-10.

Grace and peace be to you, beloved.

Pastor Melvin