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March 25, 2021 - Pastor's Corner


Our journey of pulling out brief insights from Paul’s letter to the Philippians continues. Please remember that the overall theme of this letter is the gospel’s impact on our personal lives as expressed in a corporate setting. That is, the truths we see in this brief letter by Paul should impact us first as we live them out among our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, namely, the members of the biblical local-global church we belong to.

For today, our specific focus is on 2:19-24. I encourage you to take a quick moment to read these verses afresh. From them come the following insights:

  • When we think of Paul being in prison while he penned this letter, we can find encouragement seeing him still hoping in Jesus to care for him while he endures hard times. While deliverance was not guaranteed, Paul’s hope and trust in Jesus stayed firm. The same should be true for us. Should God choose to carry us through our difficult time(s) and not to end them, may our hope and trust in Jesus stay firm.
  • In these verses we also see the encouragement we experience from the presence of other Christians. But notice that it is the commitment to the gospel in Timothy that encouraged Paul. So, just being around other believers is not enough. For the difference maker is our mutual faithfulness to the gospel, and therein is our hope strengthened.
  • Moreover, it is this commitment that makes us genuinely concerned about the welfare of others, especially other believers in Jesus. For if we care deeply about their eternal condition, then it follows we will be concerned about their total well-being here and now.

Once again, our roadmap through Philippians will be given in monthly entries, and our time in the letter will continue through mid-June. So, here is April’s map:



April 1, 2021


April 8, 2021


April 15, 2021


April 22, 2021


April 29, 2021


Finally, I encourage you to read Philippians 2:25-30 ahead of our time next week. As always, church family, may grace and peace be yours in abundance from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!